Laptop Maintenance Tips

It is understood well that having a laptop is convenient for most users than being tied to a desk with an un-portable computer. Entrepreneurs, Students, novelists and salespeople rely on their laptops to do their work, stay in touch with friends, write memos and analyze spreadsheets.

Here are some tips to help you do that

If users are going to travel, remove any CDs, DVDs and thumb drives that might be in your computer, and protect them properly. Turn the laptop off and don’t simply put it in sleep or standby mode.

Extreme temperature swings could have an effect on a laptop. If you’ve just brought your laptop indoors from cold day, you shouldn’t turn it on until it has had to warm up and reach room temperature. It might take some time if it’s been freezing outside.

A notebook’s screen is fragile and at-risk component, and it could be cracked and damaged easily. So clean it only with approved solutions or monitor wipes. Also don’t touch the screen with pens or any pointer that could scratch the surface.

Care should be taken that you must not put a laptop close to appliances that develop a strong magnetic field, such as televisions, large speakers and even some high-tech refrigerators. Also avoid putting your cell phone on top of your laptop while both are on.

It is also suggested that to keep the lid closed as often as you can, which assists to limit the amount of dust that can settle on the keyboard, saves battery life and virtually prevents the keyboard from an accidental liquid spill a leading cause of laptop damage.

In addition the laptops can overheat more easily than a desktop computer can. The users shouldn’t set one on a blanket, pillow or other non-flat surface which could prevent sufficient ventilation.

Following these simple tips could keep your laptop running and working for years to come and prevent you from having to spend more money.

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