If users are going to buy a new laser printer or laser-based multifunction device, then these below factors they should consider before buying, ranging from what key features you should be searching at, to the total cost of ownership. This buying guide for laser printer will greatly help users in all aspects.

Choice of Monochrome or colour

One should ask themselves what kinds of documents they will be printing to determine the kind of printer that will suit you best. If you only want the strong ability to print and you will only be printing things such as invoices or other monochrome documents, then all you’ll require is a monochrome laser printer. You can also go for a colour laser printer if you will also have a requirement to print colour documents on a regular basis.

Kinds of functions

If users have a requirement for scanning documents, making copies, sending and receiving faxes, then users need to consider a multifunction laser printer that can perform all of these tasks. Moreover you might want to look into other kinds of functions such as printing from USB sticks file support can vary, so check the specs, scanning to USB sticks and network locations, and perhaps the strong ability to print and scan using cloud-based apps.

Feature of Paper handling

You can go for a printer that has an appropriate capacity for the number of users who will be printing and many office printers come with a standard tray of 250 sheets. In addition go for a printer that could be expanded via a second or third tray to satisfy growing requirements.

Selection of Connectivity

It is largely noted that USB is standard on all printers, but for an office environment, the important kind of connectivity you should look for is Ethernet. Primarily this will permit you to plug the printer in to your network router and share it among the workers in your office. The printer’s driver must be installed on all the computers in the network so that it would need access.

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