From internal hard drives to advanced NAS devices, here’s what users require knowing about storage. Below aspects deal about details with regard to Storage Buying Guide for External, Internal drives, SSDs, and NAS.

Internal hard drives for desktops and laptops

It is enumerated that for a desktop, the drive form factor is 3.5 inches. For a laptop, the hard drive form factor is 2.5 inches, and the thickness is an key consideration if you ever plan on replacing a laptop drive in a DIY project. Moreover bigger laptops can take 2.5-inch drives that are up to 9.5mm thick, while thinner laptops require 2.5-inch drives with a thickness of 7mm.

Major consideration for laptops is a solid state drive (SSD). SSDs are superior to hard drives in many ways. Generally, they are much faster in their retrieval and writing of data. Solid state hybrid drives (SSHD) are a type of hard drive that has both an SSD component and a traditional hard drive component in the same 2.5-inch form factor.

Also one should consider an internal hard drive if they actually want to increase the capacity of your desktop or laptop in the neatest possible manner, without relying on an external drive.

External desktop hard drives

Select an external hard drive if you want to expand your storage capacity in the easiest and most convenient way. In addition you can plug an external drive in to any computer via USB, and can even connect it to things such as TVs and set-top boxes where supported. Interestingly there is no installation is required for such a drive; you can simply plug it in and have it be detected by the system.

Portable external hard drives

You can primarily consider a portable external hard drive if you need something that you can carry around with you from time to time. It is better to consider these to be supplemental drives that must always be backed up on a computer or another external hard drive due to their portable nature.

Network attached storage (NAS)

These are hard drives that can be plugged directly in to your home or office network’s router. They are the top solution for sharing storage across multiple computers, comprising desktops, laptops, and even things such as tablets and smartphones.

Wireless portable hard drives

It is illustrated that a wireless portable hard drive emits its own wireless network, and is primarily designed to facilitate the streaming of content to mobile devices, be it tablets or smartphones, both of the Android or iOS variety.

Cloud-enabled drives

Primarily a drive like this can make it possible for you to access work files remotely, or even to log in to your drive so that you can manage its settings or set up downloads.

On-the-go USB drives

It is a relatively new type of drive that is professionally designed to be used with mobile devices and primarily those that might not feature a microSD card slot.

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