Adoring a laptop isn’t a tedious thing in this techie era, anyhow possessing a laptop with all required amenities sounds like the best. By considering some parameters, you can receive a good quality laptop. Though there are many familiar things to be consider, I wish to share you some criteria’s which are much commonly significant in purchasing a laptop by the technophiles. The below article discusses about the Top things to consider when buying a new laptop.

1. Size

Whenever you decide to look for new laptop, size is the foremost consideration. The laptop’s size starts at 11.6 inches and goes all the way up to 17.3 inches. The weight and features of the gadget also encompasses with the size. This can be vary with individuals based on their needs and what going to do with the device.

2. Display Panel Quality

As we have many brands and OEMS, it’s very confusing in choosing a right display panel. Despite the size of the screen and the quality is also important because it also displays outcome of your work. So laptops with 1920×1080-pixel resolution have amply of space which makes you to view the lined up windows.

3.  Keyboard

Laptop with comfortable keyboard helps you in long time typing. The proper space between keys determines the overall user experience in hunting for specific keys. In addition to this, make sure you have backlit keyboard to work in dim lit environment.

4. CPU

Processor is the main factor to consider in performing multitask work. The laptop with the best processor bestows the best performance. Core i7 is the best in comparison to i3 and i5.

5. RAM

If you want to access more data and applications with your new laptop quickly at a time, then you have to consider about the size of RAM. System with 8GB is a minimum range of RAM which is commonly in use.

6. Storage

SSD (Solid State Device) are mostly using in laptop manufacturing rather than hardware. Owing to this the size and weight of the device is reduced and also improves speed by without producing any noise. As it is cost high to build in laptop, OEMs are building the laptop with mini SSD and larger hard drive.

7. Battery life

To determine the battery life, check with the rating of battery in Watt-hours (Wh) or milliamp-hours (mah). The capacity stand of battery extends with the larger figures in these ratings.

8. USB 3.0

Portal with USB 3.0 provides you the fast data transferring than USB 2.0. SO, you must search for the laptop with at least 2 USB 3.0 which improves the performance of the peripherals connected with your new laptop.

9. Fingerprint reader and TPM

The fingerprint reader is the best way to keep your system in secure with your portability since it is easy now to know your password and also copy your fingerprint.

10. Build Quality

In order to build up your confidence in buying quality laptop check with the type and number of tests undergone by the manufacturers and assure whether there’s any certification to withstand your environmental conditions.

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